Creation and development of Desktop and Web Software


Who we are

Located in the heart and capital of Moldova, in the middle of this new technological hub called Iasi

And for some time we strive to offer design and development services at the highest technological standards. All the projects developed by us have a unique character, so we avoid using prefabricated platforms, because we want to offer our clients maximum quality and total flexibility. Most of the applications we build are based on established frameworks, following high standards of software development. Although we gain individual experience in several different segments (web design and development, software and mobile development). Most of our projects combine two or even all three areas in order to create unique software solutions that meet the most demanding standards of our customers.

What are we doing

Web, Desktop, mobile applications, micro-services, artificial intelligence (machine learning), forecasting and statistics, integrated platforms, ERPs / CRMs, cloud infrastructures and devops.

We connect creativity with technology and offer more than just web applications.

Finally, we offer entrepreneurs results. We design digital solutions for your business.

We have the people, the resources and the inspiration to build everything that includes web development.

Our goal is to design a website or application that is easy to navigate, captures the public and a visual identity that helps you reach your full potential.

Logo / Identity / Branding

We help you to be easily recognized. Visual identity, for a business, is one of the main differentiators. Thus, the visual identity is a complete and useful package of services to create an extra image: making logos, logos, business cards, personalized envelopes, letterheads, making a slogan that inspires professionalism and efficiency!

UI/UX Design

All the sites created by our team benefit from a unique and personalized design depending on the field of activity of your business.

Grafica web

We translate the best ideas into websites. Your website should be the mirror of your online business, a tool that interacts as effectively as possible with potential consumers. We invest ideas, time and passion to offer a complete package of web design services, to which we add an exceptional execution and an unbeatable price. Graphic editing and print materials. Based on creativity and experience in digital design, we create any type of advertising products for your company's promotional campaigns: folders and presentation catalogs, brochures, leaflets, posters, banners, image processing.

Website promotion - Marketing / SEO optimization

We use the latest Web technologies. Web optimization is the sum of the procedures applied to the site, to improve the position in search engines and increase the exposure to new sources of visitors. The optimization services offered by Websoft IT target both new and existing customers. It is vital for your company to be present on the internet. This is where your potential customers are most often looking for you. Statistics confirm that it is the first research option. If they can't find data about your company, products or services on the net, be sure to miss great opportunities to make huge sales!

Web applications

We use the latest Web technologies. Custom web development and website design services, e-commerce, web application development, IT services, web development using PHP and MySQL, in short, we provide several types of web development related services. We believe that any successful site is always a result of quality work.

Mobile applications

We create interactive mobile applications for users, using the skills that our developers have: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. PhoneGap is an open-source framework based on current application standards and used by over 400,000 developers. It simplifies the development of mobile applications in the cloud and can significantly reduce project costs.

What we use and what we work with

Technologies and Framework

Website Static

- Languages: HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS

- CMS: no management

- Platform: Bootstrap, Material Design

- Database: without

- Default design of your choice

- Custom design

Website / Application Maintenance

- CMS platform update - WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, Joomla, ZenCart, CSCart, Umbraco

- Update functions

- Module update

- Periodic (weekly / monthly) backup for database and files

Web Application

- Languages: ASP.NET, PHP, ReactJS, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, HTML

- CMS: WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, Joomla, ZenCart, CSCart, Umbraco

- HTML, Platform: ASP.NET, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Simphony, Less, Sass, Bootstrap, Material UI.

- Database: MySQL

- CMS, theme and modules installation and configuration

- Email accounts setup

- Weekly / monthly backup to database and files

- Basic SEO - keywords and descriptions

- Default design of your choice or Custom design

Web Server & Databases

- Install and configure Windows / Linux Server (CentOS with CWP7 control panel)

- MySQL / MSSQL Database Server Installation and Configuration

- Email Server Installation and Configuration

- Install and configure FTP Server

- Firewall installation and configuration

- Periodic Server Update

- Periodic Back-up Server

Desktop Application

- Languages: C # / C ++

- CMS: custom

- Platform: .NET

- Database: MSSQL / MySQL / SQLite

- Design: custom

SEO Optimization

- Install and configure SEO modules

- Install and configure Statistics modules

- Add Keywords

- Add Descriptions

- Add Meta tags




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Customers and testimonials

We contacted the guys for an online auto parts store for our customers, who we are very happy with.

Author image Dan Auto Service

At the salon, we needed a scheduling management system for our customers that they are very happy with.

Author image Alina Beauty Salon

A food delivery application, to keep in touch between us and our customers, having the option they were very excited about, reserves.

Author image Raluca Restaurant

A simple site for presenting our medical services with related fees

Author image Mihai Medical office

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